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Privado is an event-management platform that helps event directors work more efficiently.

Without an event-management system, event directors rely on emails to manage inquiries, reservations, contracts, and payments. This method lacks organization and comes at the cost of valuable business for the venue, not to mention peace of mind for directors. In order to streamline the event-management process, Privado decided to invest in a UX design project to create an intuitive platform that anticipates the needs of event directors.


Our goals were to build a director portal that shows critical information in a digestible format, create a messaging and document-drafting interface that saves time by offering templates for common messages and documents, develop an alert system that aids in action prioritization without overwhelming users, offer a platform to standardize and consolidate inquiries, and maintain UI standardization under Material UI guidelines.


To achieve these goals, we began by receiving user feedback from Privado's event directors, which identified pain points and areas for improvement in the current process. Most directors agreed that their current methods of fielding inquiries over email was disorganized, they struggled to follow up with every inquirer, and they needed a system for prioritizing their tasks.

Based on this feedback, we built a director portal with a filtration system for consolidating visible information by type, urgency, or event status. We designed a template database for messages and documents to save time and allow directors to field a higher volume of inquiries. We built a calendar interface with a high-level overview of alerts, so that event directors can quickly understand which actions are most critical. Finally, we designed an event detail view that takes director action priority into account and shows time-sensitive information like alerts and event status at the top of the page, followed by less critical information like documents on file for a particular event.


We continue to conduct usability testing with Privado's advisors and event directors as we iterate toward an ideal system for streamlined inquiries, booking management, detailed event planning, payment processing, and staffing coordination.

Privado's development team is currently building out the platform and incorporating user-centered design elements at every stage.

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