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Ljubomir is a one-of-a-kind designer and teammate, and I effusively recommend and advocate for him with the fullest confidence. Beyond his UI/UX design talent itself – which is spectacular, consistently generating high caliber work with speed – Ljubomir boasts a variety of attributes that make him stand out in the field. He has brilliant intuition, often displaying a deft understanding of complex user challenges and industry dynamics alike. He is a disciplined hard-worker, consistently turning around big and small assignments alike on time or early. He has a growth mindset and attitude, never balking from a task outside of his past expertise. We 100% intend to work with him again and know that anyone else who similarly counts Ljubomir on their team will feel as lucky as we do.

-Steven Greitzer, CEO @

Provenance leverages AI and empowers people to celebrate life's milestones by centering moments of personal meaning. It initially offered multiple wedding tools, including their Ceremony Builder, Vow Builder, and Toast Builder, and is now expanding to other life milestones such as birth.

As a Product designer I built the first version of their app 0 to 1, and kept working on it through multiple iterations over the last two years. This included designing several AI powered apps and tools and collaborating with engineers and other designers on a design system.

Aside from product designed work, I also worked on the design of their website and fully owned it's implementation and maintenance in Webflow.

Table of contents:

Product Design - Weddings Web App

I spent most of my time on this project designing the wedding web app and tools within it. This process included all phases of design, from user research to wireframes, UI design, and prototypes. I have, to varying degrees, contributed to all Provenance tools available at the time of writing.

Weddings App User Flow

Weddings app consists of multiple AI powered tools that were released over time, so it's structure evolved over time. Below is the current user flow showing how the app is structured at the time of writing this.

Provenance Wedding User Flow

Ceremony Builder

The Ceremony Builder is the flagship tool within the wedding app, and it helps you write your wedding ceremony script by employing Artificial Inteligence to put togethere all the info you provide it into a cohesive ceremony script.

Ceremony Builder
Ceremony Builder Module
Ceremony Builder Script Editor
Ceremony Builder - Mobile

Going Beyond Weddings - Baby App

After successfully launching the wedding tools, next step included expanding to other important life milestones. For most people, the first major step after a wedding is the birth of their children and because of that it presented the most logical next step for the expansion of Provenance's offering.

Baby App Welcome Screen

Baby Letter Builder

First of the non-wedding tools to launch was Baby Letter Builder, an AI powered tool that helps you write letters to your baby. I was the designer in charge of creating the first version of this tools. This included defining the flow of this, creating designs and then working with the rest of the team on revising them and getting them ready for development.

Baby Letter Builder Home

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