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Indulge in a Fashion That's a Perfect Blend of Heritage and Modernity 💎

About The Brand

Skating Squirrel is a premium lifestyle brand with a sustainable twist. They create artisanal, ethical, and sustainable fashion that celebrates individuality and self-expression. They are on a mission to bring together the best of India's rich heritage and modern design trends into one cohesive whole.

Goals & Process

The goal was to create a visual representation of the brand that effectively communicated its core values, mission, and personality.

To achieve this goal, I blended traditional Indian cultural elements with modern design trends. The idea was to showcase Skating Squirrel's playful and youthful vibe while also reflecting its commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and cultural richness.

The end outcome was a brand identity that served as a focal point, effectively setting Skating Squirrel apart in the competitive clothing market and fostering a strong connection with its target audience.

Logo Design Concept

The logo is a combination of a logo mark and a custom logotype that uniquely represents Skating Squirrel. I took a modern, and youthful approach while designing the logo which perfectly aligns with the brand's vibrant personality. In order to ensure that the brand identity was consistent across all touchpoints, the logo was designed with versatility in mind. The logo needed to be adaptable to a range of applications, from clothing tags to social media graphics, without losing its impact or visual appeal.

The thought process behind the logo design 💭

Brand's Digital & Print Touchpoints

It was a full-scale branding project, encompassing merch, stationery, & SM design 💭

Color Palette and Typography 🎨

The thought process behind the color and type choices 💭

Social Media & Advertisement Touchpoints 📱

Brand's Instagram story templates
A glimpse of brand guidelines
Brand in action

Photography was used to aid the art direction, look & feel of the brand. They belong to their respective owners.

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