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Make sleeping an art 💭

Truewake is dedicated to curative sleepwear and helping people achieve a deeper, more relaxed, and restorative night's sleep. They are on a mission to help people live healthy lives. Sleeping is a core component of that, which is why they make the best sleepwear on the planet with innovative fabrics and designs.

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Creative Direction

My journey with TrueWake began by delving into the brand's vision and goals. Through in-depth conversations and a brand questionnaire, I gained insights that shaped the entire creative direction. TrueWake aimed to offer more than just sleepwear – it sought to provide a premium lifestyle experience, focusing on comfort, luxury, and relaxation. To visually capture this, I created a moodboard reflecting playful and soft energy. This moodboard served as our compass, instantly instilling a sense of relaxation.

Brand Moodboard

Primary & Secondary Logos

The primary logo for Truewake is a minimal custom wordmark thoughtfully created to evoke a luxurious lifestyle. In tandem, the secondary logo suite was meticulously tailored to elevate diverse brand touchpoints such as packaging, social media, and merchandise. This guarantees a uniform and memorable brand representation across all channels, fostering a harmonized and cohesive visual identity.

Brand Logos & Color Interaction
Clear Space Around The Logo

Color Palette

  • Truewake's color palette is a thoughtfully chosen blend of soft, playful hues. The use of pastels and gentle shades perfectly matches the brand's personality, creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere.
  • The subtle playfulness in the hues not only makes the visual experience pleasant but also reinforces Truewake's mission of promoting well-being through quality sleep. These colors bring about a sense of peace, in line with the brand's commitment to overall health and happiness.

Typography Suite

  • For TrueWake's typography suite, we selected a blend of Queen-compressed for headings and Poppins for body copy. The Queen-compressed font exudes sophistication, perfectly matching the brand's premium lifestyle vibe. It brings an elegant touch, and its subtly playful nature keeps the brand approachable and relatable.
  • Poppins, on the other hand, adds a layer of cleanliness, contributing to a well-balanced and cohesive visual aesthetic.
Fonts In Use

Brand In Action ✨

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