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Make Sleeping An Art 💭

Truewake is dedicated to curative sleepwear and helping people achieve a deeper, more relaxed, and restorative night's sleep. They are on a mission to help people live healthy lives. Sleeping is a core component of that, which is why they make the best sleepwear on the planet with innovative fabrics and designs.

Service: Social Media Content Design 🔗

Video Story Templates

Goals and Process

  • Truewake and I collaborated to enhance their social media footprint. In this partnership, I took a hands-on approach to meticulously crafting social media templates, reflecting Truewake's distinct brand identity.
  • We kicked off the process by defining the content pillars for Truewake. Following this, I embarked on creating customized templates for diverse formats such as compelling stories, impactful posts, and engaging carousels. Every template was carefully crafted to encapsulate Truewake's brand ethos, ensuring a seamless visual narrative across all their social media touchpoints. My strategy went beyond just aesthetics; it delved into a profound understanding of Truewake's target audience, ensuring that the content resonated authentically with their community.

Social Media Post Templates

Crafting post templates involved a targeted approach, focusing on various aspects of the brand such as new releases, brand awareness, product promotions, and highlights. The goal was to strike a balance, ensuring each template played a distinct role in communicating different facets of the brand while maintaining a cohesive visual identity.

Instagram Story Templates

In developing story templates, my strategy revolved around fostering active engagement within the Truewake community. My aim was to encourage meaningful interaction with the brand, leading me to focus on the creation of interactive templates tailored specifically for Truewake. I also wanted there to be a balance between community engagement and brand promotion, which is why I crafted these templates to be diverse yet cohesive, maintaining alignment with the brand's identity.

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