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An established SaaS company in the real estate vertical going through a turn around period. Faced with financial constraints, needs to be able to execute more efficiently within their current headcount until product growth provides capital for continued growth.

Role & Responsibilities

Spending 25% of my time as their Chief of Staff to partner with their executives on areas of strategic initiative management, company culture, and structure.

Building operational process for end-to-end delivery of major projects and product launches. Gathering transparent feedback from employees in the areas of process, company culture, and customer satisfaction, to develop organization improvement plans. Serving as project manager for current strategic initiative while building templates that are customized to the organization, using tools and systems already in place to reduce friction in process adoption.

Additional Details

A Fractional (part time) Chief of Staff was best suited for this team due to the number of team members, budget, and the impact they were looking for. Adding a full time Chief of Staff would have overwhelmed their teams and their CoS would not have had enough projects and priorities to fill 40 hours each week. This allows for incremental changes that are digestible to the executives and employees alike while still making substantial progress that will improve communication and create alignment within the team to deliver work faster.

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