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Buildspace AI

Buildspace AI is a project aimed at fostering connections and collaborations among Buildspace members and other builders through AI-powered voice conversations. The goal was to create a seamless platform that allows users to find each other and exchange knowledge.

I implemented a comprehensive data pipeline that involved web scraping participant information and video submissions from Buildspace Season 3 demo day submissions, transcribing over 300 videos using the Deepgram transcription model, and embedding the transcriptions using OpenAI's ADA model.

"website to data" system design

The embedded data was stored in a PostgreSQL database hosted on Supabase, enabling efficient retrieval and analysis.

I leveraged the OpenAI's GPT-4 model to generate contextually relevant responses based on user input during live voice conversations. To enhance the user experience, I integrated Elevenlabs' text-to-speech functionality, allowing the AI to communicate through natural-sounding voice responses.

you can checkout the live demo here :

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