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The City of David Atlanta project involved redesigning the church's website to provide a more modern, user-friendly, and visually appealing experience for its congregation and visitors. The primary goals were to improve website performance, simplify navigation, and streamline the donation process to encourage increased giving. I conducted user surveys and gathered requirements from the church administration and pastor to understand their needs and preferences. Inspired by A24's landing page, I created a clean and minimalistic design that incorporated the church's latest branding elements and color schemes.

a24's landing page

city of david landing page redesign prototype

 I implemented intuitive navigation menus, optimized page load times, and ensured a responsive layout that adapts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes. 

To simplify the donation process, I integrated Stripe payment functionality, allowing users to make multiple donations in a single transaction, reducing friction and increasing convenience. 

giving page

The redesigned website has received praise from the church office for its improved aesthetics, faster performance, and streamlined donation process. This was a fun project where I got to demonstrate my ability to understand client requirements, design visually appealing interfaces, optimize website performance, and implement secure payment integrations.

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