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Ice Lux Rentals is a car rental startup located and operating in Georgia, USA. The company is being run by a solo founder who has to manage operations, sales, and accounting all by himself. The client was previously using a spreadsheet to manage their accounting services, which led to numerous financial errors due to manual entry.


My task was to develop a comprehensive content, finance, and inventory management system to help the company streamline their business operations. I designed and implemented a user-friendly interface that allowed the client to easily manage his vehicle inventory, rental service partnerships, and financial records in a centralized system.

The key challenges I addressed were:

  • Transitioning the client from a manual spreadsheet-based system to a centralized digital platform
  • Developing an intuitive content management system to maintain up-to-date information on the company's vehicle inventory and rental partners
  • Integrating financial tracking and reporting functionalities to eliminate errors and improve the accuracy of accounting records
  • Ensuring the system was scalable and adaptable to the client's evolving business needs

Through close collaboration with the client, I was able to understand their pain points and translate their requirements into a functional and user-friendly solution. The new system provided the client with a seamless way to manage their content, finances, and inventory, streamlining their business operations and improving overall efficiency.

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