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Wally’s NFT is an innovative and creative collection of avatars that give users access to Wally’s World. They were thoughtfully crafted with the purpose of allowing users to connect, explore, and unlock rewards in this highly engaging, vibrant and energized digital world.

A perfect combination of art and technology that allows users to become part of Wally's vision in a meaningful way.

⭐ Brand concept & aspirations

The goal is to make people travel through parts of history through an “internet treasure hunt”. It’s a whole experience that goes with the NFT that makes you learn history, search clues & have fun.

It follows a roadmap that gradually involves people: starting on the internet through enigmas, then in video games in the metaverse and finally an IRL treasure hunt in Las Vegas.

NFT collection


They aim to create the first animated character in the metaverse: be for the metaverse what’s Mickey is for Disney.

The NFTs are just the beginning, but they also plan to launch an animated series, movies & video games.


Concept with sober and mature colors, centered on the long-term objectives of WallysNFT. We are not talking about adventure strictly speaking but more about "exploration". The idea is to highlight a journey through the eras using nostalgia as a link between these eras.

Spread a feeling of discovery, research and playful education and the explorer side of Wally.

Keywords: Adventure - Joy - Eccentric - Nostalgia - Vintage

Wally's moodboard

👁️ Logo design

The logo recalls the joyful, eccentric and sparkling side of Wally to counterbalance with the colors which are more sober/mature. It takes inspiration from the Super Mario and Jurassic Park logos.

The typography is personalized creation with a mixture of medium and thick strokes translating a playful and catchy effect.

The assembly of letters is destructured to echo the unpredictable side when exploring unknown places!

Wally's logo scale
Wally's stickers
Wally's poster
Wally's showcase
VIP Pass + clue box for a treasure hunt
Mobile & web page
VIP cards
Wally's merch


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