your-space (Visual Direction & UI/UX Design)

Ansh Jamdagni

Brand Designer
Graphic Designer
Visual Designer
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

your-space: India's Premier Student Housing Brand

  • Duration of Engagement: 2 Years and Ongoing
  • Services Provided: Graphic Design, Visual Design, UI/UX Design

Project Goals

  • Enhance brand visibility and appeal to the student community.
  • Drive increased student enrollments in hostels through engaging marketing collaterals.
  • Support the rebranding initiative with creative designs for online and offline channels.

My Role and Contributions

  • Community Design Leadership: Headed the community design aspect, creating engaging collaterals for offline events.
  • UI/UX Design: Developed user-friendly interfaces for the your-space mobile app and website.
  • Rebranding Support: Played a key role in the rebranding process, translating the new brand identity into versatile designs.

Impact on Business

  • Increased Enrollments: Designed brochures, billboards, and hoardings that significantly boosted student enrollments.
  • Brand Visibility: Enhanced brand presence, reaching over 10 Million eyeballs, contributing to business revenue of over $2 Billion.
  • Comprehensive Branding: Successfully managed both print and digital media, ensuring a consistent and appealing brand image.

Key Deliverables

  1. Event Collaterals: Posters, banners, and other materials for various student events.
  2. Print Media: Brochures, hoardings, and billboards designed to attract students to your-space hostels.
  3. Digital Design: UI/UX for the website and mobile app, enhancing user experience and engagement.
  4. Rebranding Creatives: Visual assets for the rebranding initiative, used across multiple channels.

Wrapping It Up: My Creative Adventure with your-space

What a journey with your-space! From eye-catching event designs to revamping their digital presence, every project has been a new adventure. It's been thrilling to see our designs draw students in and help redefine the your-space brand. More than just design, it's been about crafting memorable experiences and a brand that truly resonates with its audience.

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