Formeta (Branding & Framer Development)

Ansh Jamdagni

Brand Designer
Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Adobe Photoshop

Formeta: Reinventing Digital Marketing with Creativity and Innovation


Formeta isn't just another marketing agency; it's a creative powerhouse in the digital realm. Tasked with the mission to make Formeta's brand and online presence as dynamic and innovative as its approach, I embarked on a journey to redefine digital marketing creativity.


  • Establish Formeta as a standout brand in the crowded digital marketing space.
  • Develop a website that's not just informative but an experience in itself, reflecting Formeta's unique approach.

My Role and Contributions:

  • Creative Branding: I dove deep into Formeta's ethos to create a brand identity that's as unique as its approach, blending modern design with a twist of creativity.
  • Innovative Web Development: Leveraging Framer, I developed a website that's a blend of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience that tells the Formeta story.
  • Design Strategy: Every design element, from typography to color schemes, was meticulously chosen to resonate with Formeta's innovative spirit.

Detailed Process:

  1. Brand Identity Development: Crafting a visual identity that captures Formeta's essence – vibrant, creative, and forward-thinking.
  2. Interactive Web Design: Utilizing Framer's capabilities to create a website that's not just visually appealing but interactive, making every visit memorable.
  3. Content Strategy: Aligning the website's content with Formeta's mission and services, ensuring clarity and engagement.

Impact and Results:

  • The new website and brand identity have significantly elevated Formeta's online presence, attracting a wider audience and establishing the agency as a leader in creative digital marketing.
  • The innovative use of design and technology has set a new standard in how marketing agencies present themselves online, leading to increased engagement and business inquiries.


This project with Formeta was more than just a design task; it was a journey to push the boundaries of digital marketing. The result is a living testament to the power of creativity and innovation in shaping a brand's digital narrative.

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