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"I've never laughed so hard in my life" 🤭

Since August 2022, we've been in charge of managing, ideating, creating graphics and scheduling Noura's content.

Noura is a first generation Egyptian-American who is unapologetically herself–Muslim, hijabi, and notoriously heard before seen. Noura is an Arabic word meaning light, which she embodies by her ability to light up a room wherever she goes.

She’s always loved being in front of the camera and over time, she came to love entertaining others through her bright personality, talkative nature and love for building community. She is a huge advocate of self-love, knowing your worth and not letting anyone dim your light.

Currently, the biggest theme in her life is one that plagues most almost-30 year olds—solidifying and celebrating who you are without being defined by the expectations of society or culture (bye Aunties!).

Social Media Strategy, Design + Scheduling by Land it

Brand guidelines presentation

Strategy process

We started with a social strategy presentation where we dove right into a competitor analysis, a content strategy and growth strategy for all her channels. Since her focus was on starting out, we also crafted a launch strategy for all her socials. An added bonus to this social strategy was carefully selecting her brand colors, fonts, and highlight covers. Everything was done with the intention of captivating her vibe and translating her optimism to her target market 🤩


From that point on, we could start generating the content and populating our content calendar with ideas and copies. These are some results from our different content buckets:


In this content pillar, we recreate a situation that happened to you or someone that you know. We’ll always add comedy and naturalness to everything so that it doesn’t feel forced or like you’re acting.


We share footage (snippets) from Noura's standup shows, from certain moments that she felt were funny and/or could have an impact on someone. They always have subtitles and effects to highlight your performance.

Noura Moments:

This is her platform, this is her life. In this pillar, we show people who Noura is, what she likes, her personality, flaws, story and above all, just simply be HER.


Our goal here is to empower Muslim and WOC through their journey through life. We touch on subjects like dating (before and after your 30s), family life, friendships, work and so much more. At the end of the day, we don’t want to feel sad or unmotivated to thrive in their respective lives and what they might be going through will always be valid. Her platform is a safe space for anyone that wants to communicate with Noura.


Here we showcase Noura's beautiful skill of doing henna tattoos whilst telling the stories of beautiful individuals or doing a get ready with me, cooking or doing some activity. We want to hear their stories, their struggles, their adventures, and their passions. At the end of the video we want people to leave like they know them and maybe want to know more.


Here are some of the most recent (Feb 2023) analytics from her channels. Even though there's almost no engagement with other accounts (not in our scope of work), we're still getting really great results.

Analytics from the past 30 days (Jan 10-Feb 8)

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