Revolution AI

Charlie Osborne

Brand Designer
Web Designer
Brand Strategist
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD

Revolution AI fixes key business problems by bringing concrete AI solutions to companies all around the world.


Produce a brand identity and web design to help Revolution AI convey credibility and position them as a reliable service.


The project commenced with a two-day brand strategy workshop where we defined the eight core pillars of their business:

1. Mission

2. Brand keywords

3. Positioning

4. Target audience

5. Competitors

6. Messaging

7. Website strategy

8. Business goals

A brand identity was then produced based on the workshop's insights. Following the brand identity design, a full web redesign was completed.


'Charlie is really the best designer you can get. He pays attention to details, acts professionally, and asks insightful questions that ultimately lead to outstanding designs that match the ethos of the brand.' – Jonathan Clavet-Grenier, CEO

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