Autism Spectrum Reach

Charlie Osborne

Brand Designer
Web Designer
Brand Strategist
Adobe XD

Autism Spectrum Reach is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to improve the lives of autistic children around the globe.


Produce a brand identity and web design for this startup charity to help convey credibility and encourage donations.


The project commenced with a two-day brand strategy workshop where we defined the eight core pillars of their business:

1. Mission

2. Brand keywords

3. Positioning

4. Target audience

5. Competitors

6. Messaging

7. Website strategy

8. Business goals

A brand identity was then produced based on the workshop's insights.


"Charlie is an extremely talented designer–I'm always confident that he will deliver the best quality of work no matter the deliverable. He went above and beyond simply producing designs by teaching our staff the best practices for implementation across our brand.

His brand strategy workshop was fun and collaborative while being focused on results. Charlie's process from start to finish was well structured and seamless, whilst being flexible to discussions and creativity." – Gabriela Gocheva, Founder of Autism Spectrum Reach

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