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Timeline: ~ 1 month / Budget: $9,000

The company

Metakey is a company specialised into creating strategies and design for companies eager to explore integrating Metaverse related experiences into their brands. They use emerging technologies such as VR, AR, Web3, Gaming and Metaverse to help build immersive and valuable experiences.

They got a $3.5 million USD in funding, collaborating with the biggest names in the industry, and continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in gaming, AR, and the Metaverse.

The process

Client had no website upon reaching us and they asked for a full website build including various visuals and specific animations to make the experience engaging to its visitors. We also integrated various functions such as API calling to Opensea collection and input forms for contact options.

Client sent us a document with the requirements and available resources as well as a rough idea of the sitemap. After the initial inspection we agreed on the final pages and contents as well as the required copy and assets to use on specific pages and the desired visual look and vibe that would eventually merge with their brand and guidelines.

The result

Website was built in 5 weeks and the community feedback was amazing even though in the first week it had a soft launch. The engagement increased significantly after the website released and their brand is on an upward trend since then with thousands of unique visitors each day.

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