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Pillar is a platform intended for creatives which enables them to build beautiful sites with all their links, launch media kits and earn money trough partnerships with the biggest brands out there.

When they reached out to me they only wanted a landing page. After this was done and they vibed with it I ended up being hired by them, working full-time on their team.

Role: Visual design - Landing page

First thing was to start understanding their brand, their goal and their audience. After I got familiarised with the brand and the features I started laying them all out and see how I could showcase them in a manner which would make the end user register right away and start using the platform.

This was purely made in Figma, no Framer since they already had an in-house developer, so I made sure that for the hand-off Figma file all the elements, auto-layout and layers are ready for export and dev-friendly, which only made his job less stressful since a lot of designers hand-off files where there's a complete mess and makes the dev. source and sort everything out one by one. This not only makes the project longer but also creates a strong and bad relationship between the designer and the dev. on the long term.

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