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Meetlok© is an innovative dating and social interaction app designed to facilitate meaningful connections among people who are physically close to each other. The app leverages location-based technology to help users discover and connect with potential matches who are nearby. Unlike traditional dating apps, Meetlok emphasizes transparency and ease of use, allowing users to reveal themselves to others with a simple switch and explore potential matches without the pressure of a formal introduction.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Location-based Matching: The core feature of Meetlok is its ability to match users based on their physical proximity. By using GPS and location data, the app presents users with a list of nearby individuals who have activated their "switch" to express their openness to connecting. This fosters natural connections among people sharing the same physical space.
  • Transparent Switch System: Users have the option to toggle their "switch" on or off within the app. When the switch is turned on, users signal their willingness to connect with others nearby. This transparent approach encourages genuine interactions, as users know that the people they see on their screen are also interested in meeting new people.
  • Sneak Peek Profiles: Once two users with their switches turned on come into proximity, they gain access to each other's profile preview providing basic information, interests, and hobbies. Users can decide if they want to proceed with a conversation based on this initial glimpse, reducing the pressure of approaching someone without any context.
  • Suggestions: Metlook assists users by suggesting conversation starters based on shared interests or hobbies from their profiles. This feature encourages meaningful conversations and ensures that interactions start off on a positive note.
  • Privacy Controls:The app respects user privacy by allowing them to set preferences for who can see their profiles and when their switch is active. Users can customize their visibility settings to ensure they are comfortable with the level of exposure.

Profile & Matches views

User Experience:

  • Real-time Updates: Users receive real-time updates when they come into proximity with another user who has their switch on. This timely notification encourages immediate interactions and ensures that users don't miss potential connections.
  • Geolocation Accuracy: Meetlok utilizes advanced geolocation technology to accurately determine user proximity. This ensures that matches are presented with precision, allowing users to connect with individuals who are genuinely close by safety and moderation. The radius of the geolocation can be adjusted by preference.
  • Reporting and Blocking: To ensure a safe and respectful environment, users can report or block individuals who engage in inappropriate behavior.
  • Verification System: While the app aims to keep the user experience light and casual, a voluntary verification system is available for users who wish to enhance their credibility and authenticity. Verified users receive a badge on their profile.

Chat view

Meetlok© revolutionizes the dating and social interaction landscape by focusing on real-time connections between people who are physically close. Its innovative switch system, Sneak Peek Profiles, and emphasis on transparency pave the way for authentic interactions, fostering relationships that have the potential to blossom in real life. With user privacy and safety at the forefront, Meetlok sets the stage for a new era of serendipitous encounters and genuine connections.

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