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Turnaround: 3 Weeks / Budget: $9,000

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Client came to me having a really bad website, the conversion rate was very bad and clients couldn't access a functional website where they could see examples of their work or packages and prices for their service.

Phase 1 - Sketching Ideas

Frist things were to sit down with the client and sketch out some ideas about how the website is going to be structured. Luckily the client was actually from my town, so we met up at his Studio and started putting out ideas.

Phase 2 - Visual Identity

After we had an idea about how the structure / pages are going to be built we agreed upon the visual look and feel of the website, since the client had their logo being black and red I've tried to include the color trough out the website as part of their identity. The overall look was decided to be flat and minimalist since they have a lot of information and copy to display so if we were going to have it heavy on visuals then the information would get lost and the end user would have had a rough time consuming the content and the information which was there for.

Phase 3 - Building

Not much to say here, I began building directly into Framer, skipping Figma so that way I would move faster. I started building the layout for every page, then we placed the copy and I've designed some custom imagery for some elements, then we had the colors placed where would they fit best and finally we had each interaction and flow connected. As I came close the finalising the website I started doing some animations so everything would flow smoothly and feel engaging.

  • Turnaround: 3 Weeks
  • Budget: $9,000
  • Pages: 6
  • Custom Graphics
  • Light Animations

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