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Brief 🎞️

Create an engaging and compelling newsletter for Word Tonic, a Gen-Z copywriting community of creatives looking to break into, disrupt, and lead the copywriting space.

Write from the perspective and tone of Word Tonic, a bold and genuine brand voice that echoes the community it holds. TOV will be attention-grabbing, compelling, and informative, but not TOO serious (this is literally me).

Research what is popping in the community and align copywriting tips and tricks that will get over 4,000 subscribers excited to embrace our community, and ultimately, join the party.

A snippet of this issue of newsletter
A snippet of this newsletter issue


A smashing newsletter on how auditions and copywriting go hand in hand.

Are there GIFS, AGAIN Marleena? Yes. Did you think you were getting out of this one?

As the first writer of the newsletter after the founder stepped down from the task, I had a tall order on my hands. To do that shit AGAIN. As usual, Carolyn kept her sense of trust in me, because my own personal voice is just as bold as Word Tonic's - it's a great thing too, because we need voices that keep turning the wheels of this community front and center.

Spoiler: in this newsletter - this is where being an actor comes in HANDY

It just so happens that someone let me go F I R S T (muahahah)

If there's one thing about me - I'm making a scene. (remember this? Except it's an acting joke. And very topical to this newsletter.) This entry marks a way for users to go on their own journey as a writer, mirroring with another doozy of a profession.

I could chop it up, but there's only one way to experience the opening act of the Word Tonic newsletter era...

This theme? Auditions and serendipity. See how it all comes together below!

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