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TL;DR: In this mini case study, we showcase how Colabity enhanced collaboration with new categories, new approach and new pricing strategy.


Colabity Update

Colabity, a collaboration marketplace, has undergone exciting updates, introducing new categories to its platform. The goal is to foster even more diverse and impactful collaborations among tech enthusiasts, creative minds, marketers, Nocode creators, and beyond.


  1. Inclusivity: Extend the platform's reach to professionals across Dev, Design, Marketing, Nocode, and diverse fields.
  2. Enhanced Connections: Enable like-minded individuals to connect seamlessly and ignite innovative projects.
  3. Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: Encourage cross-category partnerships for a more comprehensive project experience.


Colabity has integrated five core categories: Dev, Design, Marketing, Nocode, and Other. This update empowers users to find collaborators who align precisely with their expertise and project vision.


  1. Expanded Network: The new categories will attract a wider range of professionals, enriching Colabity's vibrant community, and communicate a much clear offer.
  2. Targeted Collaborations: Users experience more tailored connections, enhancing project outcomes.
  3. Innovation: Cross-disciplinary collaborations will led to novel ideas and solutions, driving creativity.

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Brand Identity Update:

Brand Identity


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Enhancing Collaboration: Colabity's Community and Pricing Strategy

Community-Centric Approach:

Colabity is thrilled to introduce its vibrant Discord community – a space where collaboration thrives. Join for free to connect, share ideas, and ignite innovative partnerships. Our community is a hub of inspiration, where like-minded individuals across industries unite to drive projects forward.

Smart Pricing:

Colabity's pricing strategy is tailored to your needs. During our limited-time launch phase, access our Basic package for free and experience seamless collaboration. For those seeking enhanced features, our Standard package at $20 provides a suite of tools to elevate your projects. Want the full Colabity experience? Unlock our Pro package at $79 for advanced project management and premium support.


Colabity's evolution with the introduction of new categories, approach and pricing reflects its commitment to diverse and impactful collaborations. By facilitating connections across Dev, Design, Marketing, Nocode, and beyond, Colabity continues to be a hub of innovation and creation.

Join Colabity's Discord community and explore our brand new categories today on! 🚀

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