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TL;DR: I created a distinct brand identity, designed an appealing website, and started gathering user insights. The aim of my work on Perle is to establish Perle's image, engagement, and readiness for its prelaunch campaign to empower individuals and entrepreneurs with an ethical financial stack.


Perle, an innovative initiative founded by visionary minds, aimed at empowering individuals and entrepreneurs with ethical financial solutions. To transform this audacious vision into a tangible reality, I took charge as a designer and developer in collaboration with Said Elhachemy. The objective was to craft an immersive digital platform that simplifies ethical finance and encourages conscious financial decision-making.

Main Challenges:

  1. Translating Complexity to Simplicity: The challenge lay in distilling the intricate tenets of ethical finance into an approachable and accessible solution, resonating with a diverse audience.
  2. Seamless User Experience: The platform needed to seamlessly present comprehensive financial information while delivering an engaging and intuitive user experience.
  3. Innovative Differentiation: The project demanded innovation in design and development that not only aligned with Perle's values but also stood out in the competitive fintech landscape.

Scope of Work:

  1. Strategic Alignment: Collaborated closely with Said to deeply understand the objectives, target audience, and unique propositions. Conducted extensive market research to identify strategic opportunities.
  2. User Research: Crafted a set of questions after consulting and going through some experts' content in the Ethical Finance space, Ensured providing clear questions and helpful hints to make sure the users provide accurate answers to the forms and also offered them other options to contribute to the project.
  3. Visual Identity Development: Developed a distinct visual identity that echoes Perle's commitment to ethical finance. The design harmoniously combined Perle's brand colors, elegant typography, and cohesive aesthetics.
  4. Website Development: Leveraged Nextjs, and Tailwindcss among other complementing third-party tools to create a custom responsive website that handles all content and services offering a consistent experience across various devices.
  5. Interactive Engagement: Incorporated interactive tools like the contact through Whatsapp widget, and educational resources that demystified ethical finance, helping users make informed financial decisions.
  6. Quick Demo: Implemented a robust content management system (CMS) showcase in a dashboard that showcases how we see Perle's first version to seamlessly manage and update financial data and content.


The collaboration between Said and I yielded remarkable results:

Logo and Colors
Website Shot
Social Images
App Demo
  1. Effective Brand Design: The journey began with the creation of Perle's distinctive logo and a harmonious color palette that embodies the essence of a "Pearl" while integrating gradients and layouts that flawlessly convey Perle's messaging and branding.
  2. Compelling Website: The website, a cornerstone of Perle's online presence was crafted to tell Perle's story in a very intuitive and immersive manner and to clarify Perle's offerings, also entices interested individuals to join its initiative in promoting ethical financial awareness.
  3. Capturing User Feedback: Created a form that captures the early users' info and asks them user research questions to better understand and delve into their financial stack frustrations, to gather invaluable insights. As a small motivation, Perle offers more options to join its mission be it as a talented contributor, investor, or dedicated supporter.
  4. Brand Perception: The website's visually appealing design bolstered Perle's brand image. Every aspect of the design, from the brand name to the carefully chosen colors and visuals, masterfully articulates Perle's message of ethical finance and innovation, to hopefully leave a lasting imprint on visitors' minds.
  5. Enhanced User Engagement: The integration of interactive tools and resources aims to drive heightened user engagement, establishing Perle as a trusted source of ethical financial guidance.


As Perle readies to its prelaunch campaign, it welcomes potential collaborators and partners to join hands in this transformative journey. Together, we can mark the start of a new era of ethical finance.

As Perle's prelaunch campaign takes flight, the combined efforts of Perle's visionaries and [Your Name] demonstrate their commitment to reshaping the financial landscape for a more ethical and empowered future.

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