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JDoodle is a popular online compiler that supports multiple platforms. It can also be used for executing the Java programs without having to install the JDK in the local environment. JDoodle provides the following services:

  • Online Compiler and IDE
  • Online Terminals for Databases
  • Compiler API
  • Online Assessment

JDoodle supports more than 70 programming languages such as Java, C/C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, HTML, etc and two databases i.e. MySQL and MongoDB.


Jdoodle wanted a website redesign and wanted to create a new and intuitive design that focused on usability and was clean and minimal. Below is the list of key requirements from the client. You can read about the the requirements in details here.


After understanding the key requirements and I went on their current website to find out some of the issues that they currently have.


My main goal was to overcome the problems in the current website and focus on easy navigation while providing all the necessary information to the user. The aim was to create a webiste that is easier to understand and navigate with being visually appealing.

Style Guide & UI Components

I created a styleguide and UI components for the website, the colors were in harmony with their brand.


The high fidelity designs included the main UI designed in both dark & light mode. Some of the key features of the new UI are described below.

  • Landing Page
  • I have kept the landing page as easy to understand as possible. Keeping the most important imformation upfront and allowing user to scroll through the multiple section each higlighting a service Jdoodle provides.

  • Online Compilers
  • This page list down all the compilers hat they provide on their website. It list down the popular languages, user can also search the compilers they want to use.

  • JDoodle Guru
  • Jdoodle Guru is a all includize learning platform allowing users to join courses and complete assignments.

  • API's & Plugins
  • Jdoodle also provides APIs and Plugins that are subscription based. These allows users to clearly see the pricing for the API's and plugins.


Here is the final prototype of the website. I tried to incorporate some micro interactions to keep the users engaged.

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