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Figma is currently live in app store. You can find the it here :

OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT - The website aims to cater for two different sets of individuals - students looking for tech internships and founders looking to hire tech interns.  Website will be the first point of contact with our ICP (Founders, HRs, Interns) Since our company is also our domain name, it is easy for anyone to reach our website by just touching or clicking on our company name anywhere they come across it (email, linkedin post, cold message, etc)

  • Time Frame : 2 Months
  • My Role: UI/UX Designer


The students want to find good internships.  They want to do internships that actually help them enhance their skills and not do grunt work.  They want to gain valuable experience that they can add to their resume and also earn money on the side doing the same.  While we help the students with exactly this, in the meantime, when they’re a part of an exclusive community of only the smartest tech students in the country, awaiting being shortlisted for an opening, we plan on organizing founder talks, networking events, internship drives, etc.

Founders looking to hire interns generally go to marketplaces such as internshala or go directly to campuses for recruitment.  Both of these are expensive and time-consuming and often do not yield the best results.  By coming to us, a founder is saving both time and money, while also getting the surety of quality interns, thanks to our pre-vetting and scoring mechanism that assesses our interns and provides the founder with only the 3 best candidates who are a perfect fit for the role.


Before starting the designing we asked a few questions to the client to better understand their website. You can find the link to full questionnaire here :


We created a few user personas for students as well as recruiters. You can find them here :

Student Personas :

Recruiters Persona :


This is the current website, they wanted a more modern and elegant look with better CTAs so that they cna get more people to use their tool.



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