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Omar Al-Dib

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HalalEat was a mobile application concept to serve the local Muslim population. The general app functionalities were already developed, but they needed help getting their name out there...So I helped them bring their great idea to life!

First things first, the logo:

To small businesses(especially app developers), logo's may be the least important aspect of their business. But you should never underestimate how much a logo can resonate with a user... so after a thorough understanding of the app's mission, the logo was designed to convey it at first glance!

Brand's Style Guide & Colors:

The first & only question I need from any business owner before starting the design/branding process is: "What are the colors that come to mind when you think about your business?" They said "RED & BLACK"

App UX/UI & Overall Look:

The first prototype of a finished app was in black & white. Making use of the default color scheme provided by the App-Builder. As for the User Experience; a landing page, products page & a billing page was all they had on display... so we got cooking!

Getting Social on Social Media:

Since its a new app that was yet to have either some traction or a following outside of family & friends; social media is the way to increase brand awareness... so we got designing!

To kick things off, we needed to get people's attention, so I put on my copywriter hat & we started the campaign:

then I put together a few more designs to get people more excited...

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