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Dylan Campbell

Framer Developer
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Lauren from the Geoship team came to me with the idea of exploring options for their upcoming 2024 website rebuild. I was provided a rough Figma file with basic copy, content, and an initial direction.

I worked closely with Lauren, exploring various component/section ideas, and building out designs from the in-house team!

Together we built some pretty awesome concepts, and I can't wait to see what the official 2024 rebrand looks like!

Project Overview

Scope of Work

  • Figma to Framer Development of an initial Desktop home page.
  • A ton of custom component exploration.
  • Work closely with the Geoship team, primarily Lauren.

Responsive and Scalable Design

As with any site on the web, responsiveness is not only expected- but required! I ensured all components and ideas the Geoship team and I had were responsive and built to scale.


Marketing jargon section
Interactive Product Overview
Reserve your dome CTA
Footer exploration
Reserve page FaQ
Reserve Page Product Overview
Explore / About
Other explorations
Other explorations
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