Building Contra an Advanced Navigation & Footer in Framer

Dylan Campbell

Framer Developer
Framer Designer


Erin from Contra contacted me with an awesome idea for a new interactive & advanced Navigation for the Contra site. As Contra scales and builds more pages, the previous navigation can no longer hold the volume of marketing pages required. That's where I came in!

I was provided the Desktop version in Figma of the desired Navigation & Footer design, and went to work on developing it within Framer!

Project Overview

Scope of Work

  • Figma to Framer Development of a Desktop design built by Erin
  • Design & Build the Navigation & Footer mobile version(s).
  • Integrate Light & Dark mode versions of the updated Navigation & Footer

Responsive Design

Cross-platform and browser design is always my top priority! I spent time building a user-friendly and capable component for both the Navigation & Footer. Framer Overlays is a powerful tool that we can utilize to create stable Navigation dropdowns & overlays that can be easily built on top of. We're using this for both the Desktop and Mobile versions. For Desktop: We're using the Relative option for dropdowns For Mobile: We use a Fixed overlay with tons of inner components to build a user-first mobile navigation.


Platform "For hiring" Dropdown
Platform "For freelancing" Dropdown
Use cases Dropdown
Resources Dropdown
Mobile Navigation for hiring & for Freelancing
Mobile Navigation Resources & Use cases
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