Safety First Industries' Journey into the Digital Space

Dylan Campbell

Web Designer
Framer Developer


Safety First Industries(SFI) came to me with a vision of building a straightforward, minimal, and professional website for their breakthrough into the online world. They had no idea where to start, or what they wanted. So we started with exploration and playing with different variations until the team settled on something they LOVED!

I was tasked with both the Design and Development of this website, allowing me to use my experience and knowledge to ensure a stunning site while keeping it responsive and built extremely well from the ground up.

Client Background

SFI is a contracting company that focuses on mobile trailer work for both commercial and residential purposes. They currently offer their services in Colorado, Texas, and Utah with hopes to expand further on the West Coast.

Project Overview

Scope of Work

  • Design and Development of Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile breakpoints for 5> pages.
  • Integrate custom features & effects that further tie in the overall design.


The project currently uses one(1) CMS collection for Projects, with hopes to expand in the future!

Responsive Design

Visitors come from all sorts of devices! Though most of them are on Mobile, we wanted to ensure a seamless user experience across all devices. Framer is my go-to for this very reason! I built a dynamic layout that changes depending on the viewport width. This keeps everyone happy!

SEO & Accessibility

To increase the website's visibility and search engine rankings, we built everything with SEO and accessibility in mind. We optimized metadata, streamlined URL structures, ensured proper contrast ratios, and provided alt text for images, resulting in an inclusive browsing experience. Also enhanced the site's discoverability and organic search performance.


I'll build your Framer website!

Moving Rectangles is a design and development studio specializing in both Code and No-Code solutions. I established this studio committed to delivering exceptional value and top-notch quality to our clients.

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