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Moving Rectangles is a Development studio that we "soft-launched" in December 2023, and officially launched in January 2024. We handle Framer and React Development, while also being able to design! Since soft launching, we've worked on some amazing projects with awesome people! Check them out below 👇

Project Overview

Scope of Work

  • Build out a fully functional and responsive landing page that not only explains what we do but SHOWS it as you scroll.

Results and Achievements

Since Soft Launch, we've worked with some amazing people!

These case studies are a Work in Progress, so check back later for links, or send me a DM on Twitter(@VOLAGN) for an early preview!

Contra x Framer Services Integration

Transitioning from Next.js to Framer

Building a modern and informative website for Safety First Industries

Beautiful & Engaging Hero

One of the main things I wanted to get across with this site is that we know what we're doing. The first thing you'll notice is the Hero section containing a 1:1 of the Framer editor, as you scroll the Hero text flows under and the editor comes into view, switching from "Pages" to "Layers".

Gorgeous Bento

This is something that took some iterations until I was confident and happy with it. I've built out an amazing Bento that explains everything we do, and how we do it!

Information Bento

Responsive Design

As with any website, it needs to be responsive across all devices to ensure no one is left out! This includes Aria, Alt Text, proper Accessibility Tags, and more!


Framer Editor

Migrate your website to Framer

Moving Rectangles is a membership-based development studio specializing in both Code and No-Code solutions. I established this studio with a commitment to delivering exceptional value and top-notch quality to our members. Currently, we are in the 'pre-sale' phase, strategically assessing the market landscape and actively working on establishing a brand presence within this competitive industry.

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