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Celia Mesa's avatar
Top Independent

Celia Mesa

Barcelona, Spain

Bringing Brands to Life with Humanized Content ✨

Recommended 1x
Laureana Logioia's avatar
Top Independent

Laureana Logioia


Customer Success: Hubspot & Knowledge Base Expert

Recommended 1x
Dunia M.'s avatar

Dunia M.

Denver, United States

Unparalleled Support: Driven Virtual Assistant

Recommended 5x
Prince Ibenne (The magical writer)'s avatar

Prince Ibenne (The magical writer)


Efficient Content Writer and a Versatile CSR.

Recommended 1x
Maksymilian Rybicki's avatar

Maksymilian Rybicki

Warsaw, Poland

Full-Stack Marketer, UI/UX designer

Recommended 2x
Brigitte Demba's avatar

Brigitte Demba

Nairobi, Kenya

Strategic Project Manager, Creative & Tech Support

Monic M's avatar
Top Independent

Monic M


Tech Support & Customer Service Specialist

Andrea Lucke's avatar
Top Independent

Andrea Lucke

British Columbia, Canada

Customer experience expert for hire 💬

Olivia Beaty's avatar

Olivia Beaty

Texas, United States

Storyteller: Words and Art

Tony Yusifov's avatar

Tony Yusifov

Ohio, United States

Efficient Admin & Customer Success Pro

Muhammad Sowban's avatar

Muhammad Sowban

Sector X Lahore DHA, Pakistan

Turning your web dreams into reality.

Cheisene Rhyl Bisnar's avatar

Cheisene Rhyl Bisnar


Customer Support Specialist

Tushar B.'s avatar

Tushar B.


Workflow Automation Consultant | Zapier Expert

David Williams's avatar

David Williams

Hollywood, United States

Crafting Visionary Content for Brands

Rodrigo Seoane's avatar

Rodrigo Seoane

Barcelona, Spain

Unlocking Revenue Through Product Design

JD Wright's avatar

JD Wright

Arlington, United States

Change your diction, change your impact

Sherry Hassanali's avatar

Sherry Hassanali

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Detail-oriented customer support star

Amberell Butler-evariste's avatar

Amberell Butler-evariste

Conley, United States

Let us help you, so you can help all of us win.

Humayun Mirza's avatar

Humayun Mirza


🌟 Elite Tech Support & Virtual Assistance 🌟

Intercom related tools for your next project

Common projects for Intercom experts

Setting up and configuring Intercom for your business.

Creating custom Intercom workflows for customer support.

Integrating Intercom with other business tools and platforms.

Training your team on using Intercom effectively.

Managing Intercom on a day-to-day basis to ensure smooth customer interaction.

Analyzing Intercom data to improve customer support strategies.

Tips for working with and hiring Intercom experts

Define your project

Clearly define your project goals, timeline, and budget before hiring an Intercom expert. This will help the experts understand your requirements and deliver the desired results efficiently.

Check their expertise

Ensure the freelancer has the necessary skills and experience in managing Intercom. Review their previous work, especially any projects related to customer support or customer success management.


Maintain clear and consistent communication with your Intercom expert through the Contra platform. Regularly discuss the project's progress and provide feedback to avoid any misunderstandings.

Use Contra's payment system

Use Contra's secure payment system to pay the Intercom freelancer. This will ensure a smooth payment process and protects both parties involved.

How to hire Intercom experts

Define your needs

Before starting the hiring process, make sure you have a clear understanding of your project requirements. Do you need help setting up Intercom, creating custom workflows, or managing customer interactions?

Post a detailed job

Create a detailed job post on Contra outlining your project requirements, expected deliverables, and timeline. This will help attract the right Intercom experts.

Review applications

Review the applications and profiles of the Intercom experts. Look at their past projects and reviews to assess their skills and experience.

Conduct interviews

Interview the shortlisted candidates. Discuss your project in detail and ask pertinent questions to gauge their understanding and capability.

Make an offer

Once you find the right Intercom expert, make an offer through Contra. Discuss the payment terms and ensure they are clear to both parties.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Intercom experts

1. Can you describe a project where you successfully set up and customized Intercom for a client?

2. What strategies do you use to analyze Intercom data and improve customer support?

3. How do you ensure effective communication and regular updates during a project?

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Frequently asked

Intercom is a messaging platform that allows businesses to communicate with their customers within their app, on their website, through social media, or via email.

Intercom is a messaging platform that allows businesses to communicate with their customers within their app, on their website, through social media, or via email.

An Intercom freelancer is a professional who specializes in setting up, customizing, and managing the Intercom platform for businesses. They can help improve customer interaction, support, and overall satisfaction.

Hiring an Intercom expert on Contra allows you to find top freelance talent without any middlemen or commissions. You can review their portfolio, set up contracts, make payments, and communicate all within the Contra platform.

You can post a specific job detailing your Intercom project requirements on Contra. Freelancers who match your requirements can then apply for the job. Alternatively, you can browse through profiles of Intercom experts and invite those you like to apply.

Projects that require Intercom skills typically involve customer support or customer success management. This could be setting up Intercom, creating custom workflows, integrating with other tools, or managing customer interactions.

The cost of hiring an Intercom expert on Contra typically ranges from $25 to $70 per hour, depending on the complexity of the project and the expert's level of experience.

Intercom freelancers on Contra are paid commission-free. They may charge per project, per hour, or per milestone. Clients fund each milestone individually at the beginning of the project and held in escrow. The funds are released only after the client approves the deliverables for that milestone, or automatically within three days.

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