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Olivia Jones
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If you've heard about the exclusive Contra Job Network and wondered what it's all about, you're in the right place! In this guide, we'll go over an overview of the Contra Job Network, detailing its purpose, accessibility, and the benefits it offers to freelancers seeking top-notch opportunities.

What is the Contra Job Network? 🌐

To support our growing community, we’ve launched a new, reimagined job feed experience - welcome to the Contra Job Network. It's an invite only platform where our vetted members of our community have access with top freelance, remote, and part-time jobs.

This space enables talented individuals to showcase their expertise and connect with potential clients. Our goal is to ensure trust and credibility of all freelancers and Clients who discover each other on Contra.

What are the benefits of using our Job Feed? 💫

Get ready for a personalized, top-notch experience tailored just for you. The Job Feed is designed to elevate your freelance journey and connect you with exciting opportunities.

We vet every job posted on Contra, and they could be from top notch companies like Framer, Webflow, StrideUX and many more!

Gaining access to the Network 👀

We are accepting new members to the Job Network regularly! To unlock the doors you need:

  • A complete Contra profile - if you need any help, you can check out this blog.
  • Submit your profile with a video or loom showcasing your portfolio here.
  • Use the video to highlight your unique skills, expertise and what makes you a great fit.

This careful selection process ensures that this is a reliable space for you to find new opportunities and for companies to find the best Independents for their projects.

While we don’t have any specific criteria for being selected to join the Contra Job Network, you can improve your chances of selection by doing this 👇 We usually accept the best freelancers in our community who:

Share their portfolio

Display your best work to highlight your skills, creativity, and capabilities. Your portfolio should reflect your experience, as demonstrated by the high-quality projects and services you've shared on Contra 🚀

Invite their existing clients

Bringing your past/current clients to join Contra means other freelancer will benefit from this. Don’t forget to ask for a recommendation in the process!

Work preferences are always updated

Make sure your work preferences represent your availability + the types of projects you're looking for.

Important details you need to know!

Joining the Contra Job Network won't cost you a penny – it's totally free!

Plus, although a Contra Pro subscription isn't required, subscribers get priority review, boosting their chances of accessing the network.

Next steps after sending your application 📨

If you're selected to join the network, you'll receive a notification via the email associated with your Contra account. Stay tuned to your inbox for updates on your application status!

Meanwhile, continue to make the most of Contra! You can build your freelance portfolio, invite clients to Contra, and manage your freelance business, all-in-one place 🚀

As long as your work preferences and availability are current, your profile will still be visible in searches when a client is seeking someone within the Discover feed with your skills.

For more tips on boosting your visibility on Contra, check out our guide! 👇

Boost your visibility on your Contra Profile

Looking to boost visibility and make a lasting impression on potential clients? It’s all about fine-tuning your freelancer profile!

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