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Samantha Taylor
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To attract new clients and begin getting matched to remote job posts, your profile needs to be in tip-top shape! In this guide, we’ll give you a few tips, along with examples of how to improve your profile 👇

Completing your Checklist ✔️

Completing your checklist is the first step to starting your freelance journey! After completing your checklist, you’ll get access to one-of-a-kind job posts, receiving paid inquiries, and getting paid commission-free.

Freelancers who complete their profile checklists have a higher chance of getting matched to higher quality job posts + and being discovered by clients!

1. Add two social links: Build your credibility by adding your social links!

2. Add your Bio: Add a brief description of who you are + where you are located.

3. Add at least three projects: Showcase your past work experience all in one place. Learn more about building projects here!

Looking for project inspiration? Check out some projects from our Top Independents ⤵️

Top Independents on Contra

Top Independents represent the top 1% of freelancers vetted by Contra. Top Independents are 6x more likely to get hired on Contra.

4. Create at least two services

Services are your best skills, monetized. Simply outline the title, timeline, deliverables, rate and more! Learn more about services here.

Looking for service inspiration? Check out some services ⤵️

Explore top freelance services

Find the perfect service for your needs and instantly book to kick off your project

5. Claim your personalized URL

Trust us, you'll want to act fast. Claiming a personalized URL allows you to share your profile and be discovered, easier than ever before! You can navigate to your account settings to make changes.

Our Community’s Top Tips 👀

The Contra community knows best; after working with Clients on Contra, they've given us the inside scoop on how they amplified their profiles.

Here's what they learned 👇

  • Make sure your projects include high-quality images + add captioning in your projects!
  • Make sure to always link to relevant work you’ve done in projects and in services.
  • Describe your services down to a T- you want them to be as clear and specific as possible!
  • Use bullet points and headers strategically. Your content needs to be easy digestible!

While you’re working, remember to update your profile periodically. Not only will you see the progress you’ve made with each project, but clients will see it too! 🚀

Now that you’ve learned the importance of completing your profile and how to make it your own, it’s time to learn more about projects! Check out our Guide to Projects to learn more ✨

Samantha Taylor
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