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It is time to unravel the magic that sets your brand apart and captivates the hearts of its most kindred spirits.


Imagine this:

We embark on a fantastical voyage through the realms of creativity, where each idea is a quirky character eagerly awaiting its moment in the spotlight.

Picture us gracefully dancing among teacups, playfully bouncing on mushrooms, and delving into the enchanting depths of brand strategy.

Together, we'll navigate the whimsical landscape of brand cultivation, weaving a tapestry of wonder that will become the backdrop for your brand's magic.

Buckle up for a transformative escapade where every twist and turn leads to a new insight, every challenge sparks growth, and where the air is thick with the enchanting aroma of possibilities.

Our mission?

To craft your brand's strategy that not only captures but enhances the very essence of your brand's unique charm. It's time to dive headfirst into this enamouring adventure and breathe life into the extraordinary story that is your brand!

The result?

With a newfound clarity, you'll confidently show up, unapologetically owning your space and expanding your influence like never before. The stage is set for your brand to shine and resonate authentically in the hearts of those it's destined to charm!

Here's a snapshot of our time together:

01) Kickoff Call

We will kick off our partnership with a dazzling start – a whimsically delightful Discovery call!

Picture this: we'll chat, laugh, and I'll unleash a barrage of spot-on questions.

Why, you ask?

So I can become your brand's BFF, understanding every nook and cranny that makes it uniquely fabulous.

Brace yourself for a call that's not merely an introduction but a delightful initiation into the enchanting and insightful realms of your brand's wonderland!

02) Gathering & Concoction

During this phase we will be working together to gather all the essentials required for me to concoct the magical formula for your brand's next extraordinary leap!

From your current business model and product suite to the ins and outs of your marketing strategy and acquisition plan, I'll be delving deep into the rabbit hole to ensure we don't overlook a single detail.

Think of it as a curious exploration into the Wonderland of your brand's potential – no teacup will be left unturned, and every tiny detail will be considered!

03) Magique Session

Ah, this is where the magic begins to simmer!

In our call, together we'll leap between ideas, waltzing through the whimsical realm of possibilities, and in the end, we'll cement the strategy for your brand!

Imagine this: We'll journey through the realms of creativity, where every idea is a curious character waiting to be discovered. We'll prance around teacups, dashing through labyrinthine gardens, and fearlessly venture into the uncharted depths of your brand like intrepid explorers.

Together, we'll weave a tapestry of wonder, crafting a strategy that captures the essence of your brand's magic.

04) Blueprint Delivery

Cin cin!

Your dazzling Brand Magique Blueprint shall be dispatched, cradling the wonders within.This enchanting Brand Magique Blueprint is more than just a document – it's a map to your brand's zone of magic.

Inside, you'll discover:

❋ Your Unique Value Proposition – the golden key that unlocks the door to your brand's success.

❋ A guide to your Brand's Personality – because every brand has its own quirky character that attracts its people without fail!

❋ Your Brand's North Star (Promise) – the guiding light leading your brand through the whimsical journey.

❋ Brand Marketing Strategy – a potion brewed with marketing magic to captivate your audience.

05) Check-in

My noble goal as your whimsical guide is to ensure that you not only discover your brand's zone of magic but also operate from it consistently.Around the mark of two weeks post the delivery of your blueprint, I'll whisk in to see how your brand journey is unfolding.If there's even a whisper of a need, we'll hop on a 60-minute follow-up call to smooth out any wrinkles in the blueprint and ensure your brand's path remains as fantastical as ever!This follow-up call may include:

❋ Gazing into the recent data & feedback.

❋ Polishing and iterating the Brand Magique Blueprint – because even magic deserves a little touch-up now and then!

❋ Crafting the best next steps for your brand.

What's included

  • Intensive Calls

    ❋ 60 min. Kick Off call ❋ 2 hr. Brand Magique session ❋ Optional: 60 min. follow-up/check-in call

  • ‍Custom Brand Magique Blueprint:

    ❋ Your Unique Value Proposition – the golden key that unlocks the door to your brand's success. ❋ A guide to your Brand's Personality – because every brand has its own quirky character that attracts its people without fail! ❋ Your Brand's North Star (Promise) – the guiding light leading your brand through the whimsical journey. ❋ Brand Marketing Strategy – a potion brewed with marketing magic to captivate your audience.



Zoë Colivas • Contra

Client • May 22, 2024

Fatima was great to work with! She took minimal direction and created amazing content with her own personal spin on it. Excited to work with Fatima again in the future!

Mo Kahn • starryai

Client • May 19, 2024

Worked with Fatima for two years, she's consistently exceeded expectations. Built and managed a thriving AI community with over 70k members. Always responsive and available. Highly recommend her for cultivating online communities.

Mary Jo Eustace

Client • Apr 11, 2024

It was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Incredibly accountable, professional and beautifully creative she is a great collaborator and one I will continue to use. Fatima is a must for your next creative project!

Neha Khurram

Client • Jan 31, 2024

Fatima is personable, knowledgeable in creative services, and a talented designer. It’s been great learning about brand design, marketing, and storytelling from her!

I have had a great experience collaborating with Fatima and would highly recommend her! For any brands that are looking to enhance your brand image and expand your online visibility, look no further! Fatima has played a pivotal role in developing our brand identity, as well as streamlining some of our processes. She has been a valuable team member as our Marketing Director (comprehensive marketing strategy, social media efforts and etc.) I would recommend her to anyone! :)

Rebecca Kagzi

Client • Jan 28, 2024

I've been working with Fatima closely for the past few years, and it has been wonderful. The way she approaches projects comes with creative solutions, a fresh perspective and every detail comes accounted for. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Fatima, you won't be disappointed.

Tati Petkovic

Client • Jan 8, 2024

I love working with Fatima! We’ve collaborated on multiple photoshoots together, as well as had many strategic brainstorm sessions. She has an amazing eye for design, making her an amazing asset for any kind of creative direction, content creation, and marketing material. She’s a multi-talented powerhouse, and has a wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend her work!

Sameena Shariff

Client • Jan 4, 2024

Fatima was such a pleasure to work with! She was kind, punctual and so professional! She was accommodating to my requests and delivered all the pictures in a very timely manner after completion. I would definitely recommend her for your next project!

Atena Morelli

Client • Sep 25, 2023

Working with Fatima was an exceptionally expansive and upleveling experience for my business! With her support, we went through my entire brand identity and changed pretty much everything: from fonts, colours, tone of voice, lexicon, logos all the way to my name. As someone who works a lot with the subconscious mind & identity patterns, this was hands down also a powerful personal growth experience. Fatima as a person is kind, creatively brilliant & focused. I highly recommend wokring with her!

Taylor Fournier

Client • Sep 25, 2023

Fatima is my favorite person to work with—whenever we collaborate on a project together, I know we're going to create something exciting & magical. She always brings a fresh perspective to the table, regardless of the role she is in. Whether she's acting as a content creator, brand designer, creative director, or social media marketer, Fatima excels at dreaming up & executing thoughtful, effective campaigns. I would highly recommend her for your creative business needs!

Working with Fatima was/is magical. I was looking for a designer that could match my eccentric and whimsical visions and Fatima delivered beyond my expectations. The professionalism Fatima has for every part of the process made me feel heard and respected. Truly Fatima's skillset and vision are extraordinary and I recommend her for anyone looking to have their dreams transformed into reality. If you love immersive design then look no further.

Seth Kramer • No Code MBA

Client • Apr 4, 2023

I've really enjoyed working with Fatima and would recommend her to any business looking to grow their online presence! She's helped us create systems that streamlined the content creation process, in addition to creating a content calendar that organized our social media strategy, making it easy to plan, execute, and analyze the success of each post. Her expertise in social media strategy and content creation, combined with a keen eye for detail, make her a valuable asset to any project.

Joshua at Michael Todd Beauty hired Fatima and recommends working with them


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