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Fatima Zehra

Brand Strategist
Creative Director
Content Creator
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD

As the Head of Retention/Community at starryai, my main responsibility is to ensure that our users get the best of what the brand (app) can offer.

With this intention, I lead the creative team to produce content that educates our target audience on how to use AI to expand their creative horizons. This includes prompt engineering tutorials, workflow overviews, ideas and concepts for potential projects to inspire the end user and various use-case examples to show the user what is possible with the app.

In addition to educational content, I also direct the team to create entertainment pieces to build a personal connection with our target audience. This helps cement the bond between the audience and the brand, as what better way to connect than over some relatable laughs, right?

Beyond education and entertainment, the primary purpose of the social media channels for the startup is to inform the audience of the constant improvements and updates the app has been getting. This includes feature announcements and highlights, as well as hosting giveaway and contests to activate the users who have not yet used the new features.

The result is an engaged audience that is filtered through the social media channels via the content produced and directed to a community on Discord where the audience is further engaged and retained as loyal app users.

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