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Skip the social media burn out!

With extensive experience in marketing strategy & content creation I can help expand your brand's influence online. As a data-driven brand storyteller I will not only help you establish a stunning online presence but will also help your brand connect with its most aligned audience.

When we partner up together I will be working with you closely to understand the brand thoroughly and fully and crafting a strategy that aims to convert and not just impress. This will include studying the brand's guidelines, conducting marketing research on the current social media trends, as well as combing through competitive analysis.

We will be meeting up regularly (once weekly or bi-weekly) to discuss the brand's intentions and upcoming campaigns to ensure that the content fully aligns with the brand's overall purpose.

During these calls I will also be presenting the brand's content calendar and strategy for the coming weeks. Based on the feedback and approval, I'll be producing content that is both trendy and strategic and delivering it via ClickUp to get further feedback. I provide up to three iterations on each content and once I get the approval for the content to be posted, I go ahead and schedule them on Later and automate the posting part of the workflow so we can focus and work on optimizing the content and social media channels via engagement, story shares, etc.

Typical partnership usually last 3-6 months as that is the usual timeframe for a brand to settle in and set up their in-house social media team and workflows. However, I am open to joining the brand's in-house team on contract basis to help them beyond the initial partnership.

What you can expect when we partner up together:
  • Onboarding Call & Intake Form
    • We will kickstart our partnership with our onboarding call whereby I'll walk you through the timeline and get you acquainted with our client portal on ClickUp
    • I will forward an in-depth intake form to get as much information as I can from you to better understand the brand.
    • I will also require additional materials such as brand guidelines and previous content strategy to better acquaint myself with the brand.
  • Strategy Call
    • Based on the information gathered from the previous call and interaction, I'll bring a strategy draft for us to discuss and brainstorm
    • We will comb through the strategy and fill in any loopholes we may find
  • Social Media Blueprint
    • After I will iterate the strategy to ensure it aligns with your brand's vision
    • Once we get the green light, we will begin production!
  • Content Calendar Presentation
    • I will create a week's worth of content for you to critique
    • Based on the feedback, I will make the appropriate iterations and lock in the calendar to be automatically scheduled to publish content on the decided frequency
  • Bi-weekly or weekly stand-up call
    • We will be meeting weekly or bi-weekly to discuss social media efforts
    • During these calls I will present the content calendar for the next 2 weeks
    • I will also be presenting analytic reports to show how we are doing on our social media efforts


Is there a minimum commitment to the partnership or is it month-to-month?

I always start with a 3-month contract as that is the minimum time it takes to get through the foundations and start producing content. After the contract ends, we can continue our partnership on a monthly basis, however, I suggest to keep the partnership for at least 6 months as that's usually the time frame to start seeing results.

What social media channels do you specialize in?

My specialty is in visual content creation followed by copywriting. My main channels of expertise are Instagram & X but I am also comfortable with other channels such as Tiktok & Youtube.

Are you open to longer partnerships?

YES! My goal has always been to retain long-term clients as social media is a long game and results usually are seen over a period of time.

Do you offer SEO services?

I offer content creation that helps with SEO efforts, such as blog post writing and scheduling. This helps increase your ranks on search results.

What's included

  • Content Strategy

    Includes Buyer's Journey mapping & quarterly plan.

  • 5 Weekly Content Pieces

    Includes Photo & Video

  • Content Repurposing

    Repurposing content across several channels. E.g. from IG reels to Tiktok

  • Social Media Management

    Post interactions, i.e. replying to comments and liking posts.



Mary Jo Eustace

Client • Apr 11, 2024

It was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Incredibly accountable, professional and beautifully creative she is a great collaborator and one I will continue to use. Fatima is a must for your next creative project!

Neha Khurram

Client • Jan 31, 2024

Fatima is personable, knowledgeable in creative services, and a talented designer. It’s been great learning about brand design, marketing, and storytelling from her!

I have had a great experience collaborating with Fatima and would highly recommend her! For any brands that are looking to enhance your brand image and expand your online visibility, look no further! Fatima has played a pivotal role in developing our brand identity, as well as streamlining some of our processes. She has been a valuable team member as our Marketing Director (comprehensive marketing strategy, social media efforts and etc.) I would recommend her to anyone! :)

Rebecca Kagzi

Client • Jan 28, 2024

I've been working with Fatima closely for the past few years, and it has been wonderful. The way she approaches projects comes with creative solutions, a fresh perspective and every detail comes accounted for. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Fatima, you won't be disappointed.

Tati Petkovic

Client • Jan 8, 2024

I love working with Fatima! We’ve collaborated on multiple photoshoots together, as well as had many strategic brainstorm sessions. She has an amazing eye for design, making her an amazing asset for any kind of creative direction, content creation, and marketing material. She’s a multi-talented powerhouse, and has a wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend her work!

Sameena Shariff

Client • Jan 4, 2024

Fatima was such a pleasure to work with! She was kind, punctual and so professional! She was accommodating to my requests and delivered all the pictures in a very timely manner after completion. I would definitely recommend her for your next project!

Atena Morelli

Client • Sep 25, 2023

Working with Fatima was an exceptionally expansive and upleveling experience for my business! With her support, we went through my entire brand identity and changed pretty much everything: from fonts, colours, tone of voice, lexicon, logos all the way to my name. As someone who works a lot with the subconscious mind & identity patterns, this was hands down also a powerful personal growth experience. Fatima as a person is kind, creatively brilliant & focused. I highly recommend wokring with her!

Taylor Fournier

Client • Sep 25, 2023

Fatima is my favorite person to work with—whenever we collaborate on a project together, I know we're going to create something exciting & magical. She always brings a fresh perspective to the table, regardless of the role she is in. Whether she's acting as a content creator, brand designer, creative director, or social media marketer, Fatima excels at dreaming up & executing thoughtful, effective campaigns. I would highly recommend her for your creative business needs!

Working with Fatima was/is magical. I was looking for a designer that could match my eccentric and whimsical visions and Fatima delivered beyond my expectations. The professionalism Fatima has for every part of the process made me feel heard and respected. Truly Fatima's skillset and vision are extraordinary and I recommend her for anyone looking to have their dreams transformed into reality. If you love immersive design then look no further.

Seth Kramer • No Code MBA

Client • Apr 4, 2023

I've really enjoyed working with Fatima and would recommend her to any business looking to grow their online presence! She's helped us create systems that streamlined the content creation process, in addition to creating a content calendar that organized our social media strategy, making it easy to plan, execute, and analyze the success of each post. Her expertise in social media strategy and content creation, combined with a keen eye for detail, make her a valuable asset to any project.

Joshua at Michael Todd Beauty hired Fatima and recommends working with them

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