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Pangea.ai is a software development marketplace that allows companies to seamlessly hire highly-reputed, pre-vetted software development agencies remotely to expand, outsource and/or scale their IT efforts.

So far, I've written over a dozen blog articles on technology, outsourcing, education, and freelancing for Pangea.ai, both in English and Spanish.

Aside from expanding Pangea's blog content catalogue, the goal of this effort is to boost Pangea's SEO performance, increase the site's traffic, and gain more leads through the continuous publication of informative content targeted at their customer-base.

English Articles

📍 IoT Business Models: How You Can Benefit From Them

📍 Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Outsource: Benefits To Consider

Spanish Articles

📍 ¿Buscas contratar un desarrollador web? Todo lo que debes saber en 2022

According to Pangea's Head of Business Operations, this article alone generated over $6,000 USD on memberships for their site, a 30x return on the cost of the article and a testament to the power of SEO and conversion-oriented writing.


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