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Pangea.ai is a software development marketplace that allows companies to seamlessly hire highly-reputed, pre-vetted software development agencies remotely to expand, outsource and/or scale their IT efforts.

In their first two years, Pangea.ai has facilitated over €50 million in deals between companies and agencies within their platform.

For this project, I translated and localized Pangea.ai's entire website (their landing page + 20+ web pages adding up to 10,000 words) from English to Spanish.

The Spark ✨

Pangea.ai's Head of Business Operations reached out to me within Contra. We held a video-interview where they explained to me their goal to increase their site's reach to the Spanish-speaking market.

As such, they looked to translate and, most importantly, localize their existing content while also implementing high-volume keywords in Spanish within the translation for the purpose of ranking better on search engines through SEO.

After sharing my portfolio and specific localization samples with them, we agreed to work together on this project.

The Stats 💯

Timeline: 10 days Budget: $1,000 Deliverables: ≈10,000 words of translated/localized website content across 20+ documents.

The Result 🏁

Up next are some screenshots showcasing the finished Spanish translation for Pangea.ai ✨

Everything about the project was smooth-sailing and the end-result was, a total success, as evidenced by the client's raving review here on Contra.

Client's Commentary ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Client review by Polina Tibets, Pangea.ai's Head Of Business Operations, found on my Contra profile.

Once this project was done, I was invited to join Pangea.ai's Author Community, which allowed me to continue working with them writing over a dozen of SEO-optimized blog articles in both English and Spanish. 🎉


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