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Patrick Toal • Patrick Toal

Client • Nov 16, 2023

I had the pleasure of working with Rodrigo on optimising my blogs for search engines, and the experience was truly exceptional. Rodrigo's approach was not only professional but also remarkably easy to comprehend. His natural ability to explain best practices and dive into every aspect of my blog made the entire process incredibly informative. If you're seeking someone to guide you through the essentials for Google, Rodrigo is the go-to expert for best practices. Highly Recommend.

Marcela Ayala

Client • Mar 1, 2023

Rodrigo is very professional; he explains everything during the process and you can tell how much knowledge he's got in the field. I would recommend him to anyone looking for creative and attractive copy's for their communication platforms. Thank you Rodrigo!

Polina Tibets •

Client • Feb 16, 2023

In we had a concrete problem we wanted to solve: lead and execute the localization of our platform from English (US) to Spanish (MX). Not only was he able to perform said task in a timely manner, but he also was always available for feedback and asked the right questions, leading to an incredible quality our clients keep raving about. We can't wait to work on the localization 2.0 this 2023 together!

Janet Choi • Podia

Client • Oct 24, 2022

Working with Rodrigo was great! He did an excellent job translating an English article into Spanish for us, all while being communicative, friendly, and professional. Highly recommend and hope to work with him again in the future.

Eduardo Moreno • Grapheec

Client • Jun 15, 2022

Rodrigo is an excellent copywriter and communicator, both in English and Spanish. He presented his work in a very organized and detailed format. The interactions we had were very professional, friendly, and very responsive. I recommend and will collaborate with him without a doubt if needed in the future!

Matt Colivas • Contra

Client • Jun 10, 2022

Rodrigo was great to work with!