Irina Calin

Web Designer
Product Designer
UI Designer
Supabase is a web app dedicated to those who want to apply to Medical School. It aims to be a learning companion providing training tests, exam simulations and essential statistics to easily track the progress.

The idea was to provide a studying toolkit with the essentials for a start. As the app expands and the community grows, features such as forums, study groups and interaction with teachers would be added.

As a Product Designer, my role was to define and debate MVP features, to create a design system around them and to create UX-centered, high fidelity designs to complement the business logic.

Some of the used components: chapters selection used when configuring a test (left), chart of solved questions progress in time (top right), view of a question during the test, containing the question number and the chapter that it belongs to (bottom right)
Used components #2: history table with the solved tests data - test type, score, date and difficulty (left), and cards used to display statistics: total solved questions & tests in the current month, average score (right)
View of the Landing Page

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