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Irina Calin

UX Designer
Web Developer
UI Designer

TheLookbook aims to be a go-to platform for enhancing communication between fashion brands and the fashion-savvy community. We currently offer a web app where you can:

  • Discover the latest fashion trends
  • View how the clothing items you want to buy look on real people, in real life
  • Save the looks you find inspirational
  • Provide valuable feedback to fashion brands to help them create more of what you love and less of what’s wasteful
  • …or just inspire others with your style!

My role was to design and develop an MVP for the web app, for both the fashion community (young people who care about making fashion more sustainable) and the potential customers (fashion brands looking to connect with gen-z consumers and better understand them).

Customers Dashboard Offers overviewInitial Landing Page
Initial Landing Page

Customers app Custom Offer creation overview

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