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Like the milkman, but for your business 🥛

For one month we were in charge of managing Bottle's Instagram. This included creating video and graphic content, content ideas, content calendar, social media strategy, monthly reports and daily engagement.

Our biggest challenge on this project was getting all the information and content from the team so that we could translate and digest everything for the audience.

Who is Bottle?

Remember when the milkman came to your doorstep and delivered your weekly milk crates? Everybody in your community had the same one and probably found him through word of mouth.

At Bottle, we want to bring that concept back, but better. We make it dead simple for a local vendor—whether a farmer, a baker, or a vegan cook—to launch a store, communicate with customers, and sell flexible subscriptions all in one place.

Imagine a world where you can text a local baker for a fresh loaf of bread, receive recipe recommendations from the farmer whose stand you frequent at the market, and inform your meal prep service to pause your plan while you're away on vacation in just a few taps.

Now stop imagining. This is real, and it's happening.

A community where makers can chat with and sell to locals with ease and learn from one another along the way—that's the Bottle vision.

Check them out ⬇️

The Bottle Social Media Strategy Deck

Strategy process

We started with a social strategy presentation where we dove right into a condensed version of their Brand's storytelling, a content strategy and growth strategy for Instagram. Since they were already on social media, our main priority was connecting with their audience better, generating more sales and have a better social media presence. Everything was done with the intention of attracting their ideal client's interest and introduce them to who Bottle really was 🤩

Some of our posts made for Bottle

Ready? Set? GO!

In less than 2 weeks, we were able to get the strategy and the content ready to go for a relaunch 🤯

Our first step was creating and populating our Content Calendar inside Bottle's Client Portal with the ideas we introduced in the strategy. Once all +50 ideas were there and organized, we started creating the reel covers, carousels, captions, hashtags and videos (in the case we needed the team to record something, we gave them specific instructions and directions).

Meanwhile, another person from the team got the Instagram ready for launch, by designing all the highlight covers, changing the bio and logo + updating any information necessary.

Following their brand guidelines and amazing brand illustrations, we designed all 7 highlight covers

A lot of our social strategy was based on video content since it would make us more relatable, allow us to go more in depth about features, how the platform works and present a more human side to the company.

We always incorporated brand elements and its personality into every possible video 🚀

Here we have a mix between a frequently asked question, a client feature and Bottle's story told by Andy, one of the founders.

Another important aspect of the social strategy were carousels. They were our friends when we wanted to go in depth about a topic, as we can use the alt text for SEO purposes as well as being more inclusive. Topics could be feature launches, testimonials, case studies, our Small business manual series.

This series was centered around how running a small business is no easy fit, as it can be daunting and challenging at times, but the reward is better than the road we take to earn it. That's why, to show our support for Bottle's clients, we shared tips on how to fully run a small business. It featured things like: how to convert your audience into leads, what type of packaging you should use, small investments that save a lot of money in the long run, etc.

This ⬇️ is an example of one SBM post 👀

Carousels are essential to present content with as much storytelling as possible + they must 100% always be SEO-optimized

Unfortunately, our contract ended earlier than expected due to cuts in the department, so there was some content we produced that wasn't published.

Unused concepts are always super fun and can even be used on other projects!

Overall, we had SOOO much fun creating content for Bottle and wish we could have continued working with them! Thank you to the team, specially Ava, for trusting us 🫶🏻

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