Framer Summer

Carlos Geronimo

UX Designer
Web Developer
UI Designer


The main objective was to showcase my proficiency in Framer by consistently launching a section of a page, not developed in Framer, but personally developed by me. This aimed to demonstrate my skills in various aspects of Framer, including CMS, interactions, and components, over a continuous period of 15 days.

Target Audience

The target audience for this project was agencies and startups.

Development Tools

I exclusively used Framer for the development process.

Development Approach

Given that this was a personal project, I operated independently without communication with any external parties.

Notable Features

The project was structured in two key steps: ideation and development. For ideation, I drew inspiration from pages and sections I admired but were not created using Framer. Subsequently, I would proceed to develop them directly on the platform.


The primary challenge was to maximize learning with each publication, covering various facets that Framer offers to developers. This necessitated a diverse selection of "projects" to develop, ensuring each one presented a unique learning opportunity.


The development was completed in a span of 15 days.

Final Results

The outcome of this project was highly satisfying. Over the course of 15 consecutive days, I immersed myself in new challenges and learning experiences with Framer. This intensive process significantly enhanced my capabilities in comparison to when I began the project.

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