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Carlos Geronimo

UX Designer
Web Developer


The client already had a website built with Notion but wanted a more professional look. The objective was to develop a new site that showcased the values of the project based on a Figma design.

Target Audience:

People interested in Venture capital, primarily Spanish speakers.

Notable Features:

The development was based on the Figma design provided by the client. However, the client gave me complete freedom in designing the website to add my own touch as a developer and designer. For example, the "Blog" page was entirely designed and created by me, along with the individual article pages.

Blog Page with tag filter


The web design process was enjoyable throughout, with the freedom to add features that gave the website its final result.


The project was completed in just 2 days.

Results and Outcomes:

The client expressed great satisfaction, being pleased with the work and appreciating my initiatives. The collaboration was a two-way process with the client also providing ideas and suggestions.

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