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The main objective was to create a website to showcase the concept of "Framer Battles," a competition for developers in Framer. The website needed to highlight the competition's features for easy understanding. Additionally, it was important to include the entry fee, outlining all the included features, and provide answers to potential player's questions.

Target Audience

The website was designed for Framer developers, both freelancers and agencies.

Notable Features

The project was structured around three steps: ideation, design, and development. Ideation involved studying and drawing inspiration from websites of interest. The design phase was executed in Figma, producing two versions, with a focus on making the competition's features and rules clear while maintaining visual appeal. Once a design was selected, the project moved into the development phase.

Figma first version

Figma first version

Features and Functionalities

The design emphasized visual elements with immersive animations. Community-contributed components were integrated into the page.


The challenge was to create a visually appealing design with immersive animations, incorporating community-contributed elements. Since there were limited existing examples in the industry, the design had to draw from a broader range of sources.


While there was no formal collaboration, advice and input were sought from professional peers during the ideation process.


The project took approximately one month to complete.

Final Results

The website successfully met the objectives, providing a clear and visually appealing presentation of "Framer Battles" competition. The design and features were executed to ensure that the competition's concept was easily comprehensible.

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