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Funginder is a cutting-edge mobile application designed to assist enthusiasts and nature lovers in identifying mushrooms with ease. The app blends advanced AI algorithms with a user-friendly interface, making mushroom identification a seamless and educational experience.

Background & Problem

The inception of the mushroom identifier app stemmed from a firsthand experience rooted in the challenges faced by nature enthusiasts during mushroom foraging/hunting. As a user passionate about mycology, the frustration of encountering diverse mushrooms without a reliable identification tool became a common pain point. The existing mushroom identification apps, though available, fell short in delivering a seamless and enriching user experience.

Solution & Goal

The solution involves crafting an application that not only boasts attractive features but also prioritizes a seamless user experience. Funginder aims to provide a well-balanced blend of engaging functionalities and an intuitive UI/UX design to ensure user satisfaction and ease of use.

Design Process

Research (Competitor analysis) Wireframing, Visual UI, Prototyping

Competitor Analysis

Combining through existing mushroom identification apps, dissecting their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with insights, we crafted an app that stands out in the crowd, bringing joy and knowledge to users.

User Flow

Illustrated user flows for key interactions such as exploring the mushroom database, identifying mushrooms, and searching for specific muhsroom, and community engaging.

Architecture Information

The app's information architecture was meticulously planned to ensure a seamless user journey.


An outline for the homepage, a categorized mushroom database, search result grids, detailed mushroom views, a step-by-step identification guide, educational content sections, settings pages, and interactive wireframes for the identification process.

Color, Typography and Components

Adopted a nature-inspired design aesthetic characterized by earthy tones and intuitive typography.

User Interface Design

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