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Inorder is a web-based platform designed to streamline the café and restaurant experience. It eliminates frustrating queues by allowing customers to effortlessly scan a barcode, place orders, and make payments from their smartphones at their tables


Cafe and restaurant visitors often express frustation with long queues during the ordering and payment process.

Inorder present a solution to address this issue by introducing a streamlined approach: scanning barcodes, placing orders, and making payments effortlessly through smartphones right from the table, eliminating the need to wait in line.


Stress-Free Ordering: Create an interface that guides users effortlessly through the process of scanning, ordering, and making payments.

Visual Appeal: Design a visually appealing and cohesive interface that aligns with the brand while providing a pleasant experience for users.

Design Process

My approach involves identifying the design concept from the provided brief and implementing it through a user-friendly and efficient UI design, while adhering the brand’s specified color palette.

Design Style

Design style is created by adapting to the provided brand's style

UI Design

Inorder enables customers to scan a unique QR code assigned to their table using their smartphones. Once scanned, they gain access to the menu and can place orders directly from their devices.

Customers effortlessly browse a digital menu, explore options, and place orders directly from their smartphones. The menu is organized with attractive imagery, categorized sections, and clear item descriptions.

Inorder elevates convenience with QRIS payments at tables. Customers receive real-time order updates, displayed in a concise summary for enhanced control and reduced cognitive load.

The visually appealing Inorder interface simplifies ordering and payment processes. Using a minimalist approach, the UI ensures users can effortlessly navigate menus and customize orders.

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