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Cvya is a platform aimed at helping job seekers upgrade and optimize their resumes with various features such as creating personalized ATS-optimized resumes with AI suggestions, evaluating resumes against job descriptions, enhancing LinkedIn profiles, and providing guidance for tailored career training.

Background & Problem

While Cvya's previous website served its purpose, it faced challenges such as outdated design elements, a somewhat complex user interface, and the need for a more modern aesthetic. The redesign aims to address these issues and deliver a website that not only meets but exceeds user expectations.

Solution & Goal

This redesign focuses on streamlining the user journey, improving visual appeal, and incorporating innovative features to make the job-seeking process smoother and more empowering.

Design Process

UX Research (Competitor Analysis), UI Design/Visual Design

Competitor Research

Analyzing competitors revealed emerging trends and best practices in the industry. Cvya aims to stand out by offering a more visually appealing and user-centric experience compared to existing platforms.

Design Style

Design style is created by adapting to the provided logo to ensure consistency and coherence

UI Design

The resume builder's interface has been redesigned for simplicity and effectiveness. Smart prompts and tooltips guide users through the process, making it easy for them to input information and receive real-time AI-driven suggestions.

Job description matching now provides a more interactive experience, with visual indicators highlighting areas of alignment and improvement. Users can easily tailor their resumes to specific job postings, increasing their chances of success.

The platform provides actionable suggestions to enhance LinkedIn profiles, ensuring a consistent and professional online presence. Users receive tips on optimizing keywords, adding impactful achievements, and improving overall visibility.

The career training guidance feature is expanded to include engaging learning paths

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