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Borche Krezheski

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Performance Marketing Specialist
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I took the account with a lot of active campaigns and, at the same time, used some outdated targeting structures. In terms of creative strategy, they were using both video and image formats but without any particular creative strategy.

Now I run 3 camps, one main campaign where I test everything, one ASC+ campaign where I drop the winning ads from the main camp, and one retargeting campaign because the client asked me to keep it on.

Previously ❌ A lot of active campaigns with very outdated media buying strategies (using Interests, LLAs, Retargeting, etc) ❌ Testing both video and image format without any particular strategy ❌ Targeting completely generic angles such as “ high quality shoes”, “the best shoes on the market” etc. Now ✅ Streamlined testing with a BROAD structure, alongside ASC, as well as a retargeting campaign. ✅ Conducted extensive research to comprehend the niche market and buyer persona, identifying their key pain points. Subsequently, we tailored the messaging in our creatives accordingly. ✅ Discovered that the primary selling point here is the easy on, easy off feature. Consequently, I've tasked the design team with creating ads that highlight the shoe zipper.

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