Increased Conversion Value by 650% in 2023 compared to 2022

Borche Krezheski

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Since I started managing this client, I’ve changed the media buying strategy and now I run only two campaigns (because the client is targeting both the USA and Canada), and also I’ve changed the creative strategy.

Previously ❌ 7-8 active campaigns with very outdated media buying strategies (using Interests, LLAs, Retargeting, etc) ❌ Testing only UGC and Founders video ads ❌ Focused on generic content: - Calling out the main features of the product - Tons of generic UGC content - No real strategy

Now ✅ Simplified testing BROAD structure ✅ Testing both video and image formats, focusing on the product’s benefits, testing various types of messages, and targeting on an ad level rather than an ad set level. ✅ Introduced my own Us vs Them concept (I tweaked a little bit the original concept)

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