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Big Oak Tree has different clients around Texas and surrounding locations. I managed a few of these clients during my tenure with them. Here are some samples of the graphics I produced for them.
I took an advanced pro course in Canva and can create outstanding pieces of video and graphic content based on buyer personas, events, and important dates.

Social Media Management

Big Oak Tree Media is a PR and Digital Marketing agency where we manage diverse clients across various sectors and niches. Our primary goal was to communicate each message not only correctly and assertively but also to tell their stories in an exciting and impactful manner.

How Did I Do It?

The first step when taking on a social media account is to understand the business and its main message. For Big Oak Tree, I conducted a discovery session where I gathered important data using questions like:

  1. What is the mission and vision of Big Oak Tree?
  2. What are the main characteristics of your ideal client?
  3. Which social media platforms do you use?
  4. How do you currently communicate your digital marketing and PR services?
  5. What do you think can be improved, and what has worked well so far?

Understanding the Buyer Persona

Once I had information on the main discovery questions, I proceeded to define three buyer personas (which eventually expanded to five).

These buyer personas were based on the principle that Big Oak Tree offers B2B services, so the personas had very specific characteristics focused on better understanding the professional behavior, social interactions, professional objectives, and the potential psychology behind each potential client.

Of course, since they already had some data stored over time, I leveraged this information to decide which messages could potentially resonate better with potential clients and which services and solutions were the best options for each buyer persona.

Content Planning - Calendar

By structuring the monthly publication calendar in an organized manner, you gain a complete overview of the content you need to work on, and most importantly, you can bring dynamism to the angles you want to cover.

For example, one day you might post a video about behind-the-scenes for a client, another day you might upload an interview in some media outlet, and another day you might share some photos of a team meeting or a meal with clients.

In this way, we were able to optimize delivery times and streamline content creation times with the editing and copywriting team. It's worth noting that I also participated in content creation as an editor and copywriter.

Ads Management

For Big Oak Tree in particular, I exclusively used Meta Ads, where the primary objective was to create brand awareness and engagement with our posts. Therefore, our creatives were the most important aspect.

We typically had meetings every Monday with the creative team, where the team was encouraged to bring trends, innovative ideas, and suggestions regarding everything related to digital marketing and attracting new clients.

This allowed us to have fresh ideas and maintain a methodology of constant improvement in our creative processes.

In the end, the most important thing was to take advantage of the available metrics from Meta, understanding and analyzing areas for improvement as well as points where we were successful. In this way, we ensured that we optimized and improved our numbers month by month.

Reducing costs per click, per thousand impressions, and generally optimizing the overall advertising budget were key objectives.

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